Get hands-on experience in using the different storage strategies, deploying multi-container applications using Docker Compose, and managing container clusters using Docker Swarm. Throughout this Instructor-led Docker Certification training, you will be working on real-life industry use cases. Docker-compose, Docker files, running containers, learn to use Github, Node.js, virtualization, and Docker Swarm. Docker is the leading container runtime platform and offers features around container management and orchestration.

Docker Certified Associates Lessons

The company also hosts an exclusive online community for those certified in Docker to connect and even discuss their work or job opportunities. Having this certification may also allow you to apply to work in more specialized positions within a company, which might lead to higher pay and more steady work. No previous knowledge is required for this online Docker course. Docker enables users to seperate applications from their infrastructure in order to deliver software quickly. This course is for anyone who wants to learn Docker and about containers.


Though the classes were live, I felt like sitting in a classroom and attending it. Whenever I missed my class, I was able to download the recordings of the classes. This accreditation is a portable proof of skills in containerization technology. We will help you in all stages of preparation and you can contact us whenever you need, and we will be happy to help you as much as possible. Our motto is your satisfaction and to help you succeed to the next step.

  • The topics that have a large volume of information need to be highlighted for important bits.
  • If you’re familiar with the Docker platform and have some practice using it, you may be searching for a way to give it a more prominent place on your resume.
  • Get hands-on experience in using the different storage strategies, deploying multi-container applications using Docker Compose, and managing container clusters using Docker Swarm.
  • He has bagged Docker and can deliver the best technology to our trainees.
  • 52 of the questions are DOMC – Under this, the options are randomly placed.

You will study the fundamental concepts that will allow you to establish a simple cluster and begin deploying and managing applications. This course’s journey begins with an understanding of the principles of container orchestration technology, and then moves on to a deep dive into Kubernetes. Docker is a set of platform service products that use operating system level Docker Certified Associates Lessons virtualizations to deliver software in packages called containers. We make sure to address any real-time challenges our alumni face during their careers through our community platform. The Docker Certification exam contains 55 Multiple choice questions, and the duration of the exam is 90 minutes. The exam covers all the skills of the Docker Enterprise Edition.

Kubernetes Certified Application Developer Ckad With Tests

This course’s journey begins with an understanding of the principles of container orchestration technology, followed by an in-depth examination of Kubernetes. These certifications are designed particularly for companies who use Docker Enterprise Edition technology in their operations. Information technology has progressed much beyond what it formerly was.

Docker Certified Associates Lessons

The students will get familiarized with Docker commands and will be able to create and manage containers and images. With a rising pattern of organizations adopting Cloud services, Docker continues to gain popularity. At its core, Docker aids in containerization, that is, for the packaging of applications into modules that can easily be replicated and scaled independently.

Docker Course Certification Faqs

Docker credentials have become assets in application and software creation that many companies recognize. Learning how to receive Docker certification can help you grow your understanding of its use, particularly for your own career. In this article, we discuss what a Docker certification is, what the benefits of getting certified are and what to expect on the exam, along with a list of four Docker certification programs to consider. Containers help companies build and ship code/software faster than ever. Organizations today follow modern best practices for software development to stay ahead of competition. Hence, companies expect a certain level of container skills from the candidates they are hiring.

Docker Certified Associates Lessons

Also, you will study how the docker platform helps you to manage your infrastructure. The third type of notes that can be helpful for you is visual representation type notes. In this, you need to use diagrams, topic visualization, and mind-maps to prepare a detailed preparation module of your own, especially for complex topics. It will help you learn, implement and revise the high-level design and architecture topics. The key to preparing for any of the complex certifications is to make notes. Making notes is quite easy but still needs a lot of time and patience.

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Remember that preparing notes for your DCA certification program is worth the effort, as you would be mentioning all the key concepts and points to remember for easy revision. Docker Enterprise Editionfor you to practice the features that are to be tested in the certification exam. You can prepare for the exam through a mix of theoretical learning and installing Docker and learning how to use it in a hands-on manner. This should give you a well-rounded understanding of how it works.

  • The exam covers all the skills of the Docker Enterprise Edition.
  • Familiarity with the Linux operating system is all you need to get started with this Docker training program.
  • I have attended a course recently and was quite impressed with the knowledge of the trainer.
  • Docker is actually a software framework used to build, run, and maintain containers on servers and the cloud.

It is now the industry standard for all containerization platforms. Click “show code” to get this Edureka coupon code, and then use the code at checkout to get your discount. NamePrashanthExperience20+Specialized inDocker, KubernetesMore DetailsHaving 20+ years of experience working closely with industry, Prashanth is one of the best-certified trainers of MindMajix. He has bagged Docker and can deliver the best technology to our trainees. Pavan Rao is a programmer / Developer by Profession and Cloud Computing Professional by choice with in-depth knowledge in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform.

What Exactly Are Docker Certifications?

And at the end of the course we have multiple mock exams that closely follow the actual exam pattern of a mix of DOMC and MCQ questions. As mentioned on its official website, Docker is used to develop, ship, and run applications. It allows users to separate their applications from their infrastructure so that they can deliver software quickly. According to Payscale, a DevOps engineer with Docker skills earns an average salary of Rs.847K in India and $100K in the USA. After achieving the DCA certification, there is no reason why you can’t achieve even higher. We also have a dedicated team that provides on-demand assistance through our community forum.

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It is one of the top certifications that was launched in 2017 and did set a benchmark in bringing up container technology. This certification is destined to implement uniqueness for running enterprise workloads with Enterprise Edition of Docker for qualified professionals. Not just that, but you can implement the logo on resumes and CVs, to add a stand-out factor to it. A Docker certification will show a potential employer that you have the technical knowledge, skills, and experience to deploy applications on Docker. A Docker certification tells a potential employer that you have a strong understanding of the platform.

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Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands-On DevOps is a certification introduced by Udemy that offers a strong practical experience. The course covers Docker basics, building images with Docker files, creating an application stack using Docker Compose files, basic Docker commands, and Docker Swarm. A DevOps certification ascertains the ability to apply various DevOps tools and is another way to prove your Docker credentials.