clients are our top priority

According to Kolte, Volar Alta finished inspecting 64 cyclones in three days. The company ended up saving eight days of shutdown time. Drone-based inspections can also reduce climate impacts. Kolte said that their drones are compact and can conduct inspections on a large scale without many carbon emissions. Like many startup founders, Niharika Kolte did not start out dreaming of being an entrepreneur.

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In fact, she began her career as an analyst working at PWC and KPMG. During her stint, she began to think of more efficient ways to conduct inspections and do technical due diligence. According to Kolte, this is usually the most prolonged phase of a deal for a banker or analyst. For the first time, many were ready to move on and fuel up various industries that stood still in 2020. According to TechCrunch, this resulted in free-flowing funding and a rise in startup valuation. This finance software is called Mvelopes due to how the process of financial planning is done in the app.

clients are our top priority

As a serial social entrepreneur and student of purpose in the workplace, my experience and research doesn’t align with Branson’s philosophy. We must take care of our employees but making them the top priority may have the inverse impact. You can make your customers feel wanted by giving them your uninterrupted attention and making sure that all of their questions are answered and needs are met.

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When consumers are happy they consume more of your products which can make you rich. They are happy to use a product that is of good quality and will recommend your product so that their friends are happy thereby expanding your customer base. The more people that buy from you, the more potential for profit.

  • Growth investors are committed to helping a company grow its business and scale quickly if they are involved in financing a startup.
  • This is due to capable administration that fosters employee worth, which overflows to clients.
  • Do your customers feel like your whole company is the customer service department?
  • Meanwhile, Theranos kept failing their lab regulatory inspections.
  • We will work together to create and ensure a superior customer experience.
  • Next, we develop a plan to help you reach those customers more effectively.

We disrupted the volunteerism sector by committing one of the greatest heresies of volunteering. As a result, we helped create a $15 billion a year marketplace and had our model replicated around the world. And if you can’t answer them, then there’s a good chance they’re going to shop elsewhere. Our team is always uss express working time available to answer customer questions by phone or email. Also, our website features a FAQ section and a blog that discusses popular lighting industry issues and topics. It’s a good idea to keep a FAQ page with information regarding shipping, return policies, warranties, manufacturing information and bulk pricing.

Making customers your top priority, however, doesn’t mean that you should make employees a distant second. At Imperative, my new social enterprise, we have spent the last two years studying purpose at work and connecting it to performance. One of the three critical sources of meaning in our work is making an impact. In it for the long haul We don’t like to operate on a turn-and-burn basis. Instead, we build solid relationships with our clients that develop and grow over the years.

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This means they will need to be able to raise large amounts of capital from the public markets at any time. This is a significant shift in the investment approach. VCs used to only look for the best possible financial return on their investments. Now they are looking for promising growth companies that can generate revenue and achieve massive growth. Let’s say that your product is paradigm shifting and can solve many problems. This is obviously cool but if you don’t have customers to patronize your product, you don’t have a business.

clients are our top priority

No more ‘Clients First’ … and no more of the benefits living by this philosophy brings. But if you give away your expertise, time, energy and (gasp!) money, won’t you just go broke? It may take time, but whatever you give will usually come back to you with interest. Do you see your clients as sources of income, or do you see them as actual human beings with likes, preferences, quirks, and stories? People want to do business with individuals they like — and they like people who like them.

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Many business owners will admit that they just want "to do a good job" or "make a living." This isn’t good enough. Especially if your business is smaller and less established, being the customer’s second choice means you’re on the road to eventual failure. The following are 12 tips that might not be obvious, but will help you to put clients first so your business can grow and prosper. Drones ttps:// can easily detect workers who live in close quarters, and a drone can even serve as first responders in a disaster event. Since launching, over 300 companies have seen the potential of the platform. The biggest companies using the platform are Lyft, Toyota, PayPal, General Motors, SAP, and the American Military. Scale AI is a platform that helps in the development of AI applications.

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This is due to capable administration that fosters employee worth, which overflows to clients. I model for my clients what I am attempting to help them gain for themselves.

They have already created an intelligent custom storage payload to get multiple deliveries done in a single flight. Since the pandemic started, Volar Alta has made a massive pivot to security. They began using their product as a surveillance tool for quarantine zones in India. But today, Volar Alta focuses its business on internal asset inspections and drone-based logistics.

Customer Satisfaction Should Be Your Number One Priority

Basic issues of safety and security were not addressed. Self-care for the employee was deemed secondary to productivity, thus working from home and working late into the next day was considered admirable . The work itself was intermittently rewarding, and shaming was a common practice of administration. Fortunately, my current employer, essentially not review a profit-based buisness, is the polar opposite. The clientele is similar, yet my self-care is directly-proportional to my effectiveness as an employee, as a helping professional. It is very emotional work, and my co-workers understand the potential for burn-out is high. It’s not about me as a unit of production; the goal is operating like one organism.