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In a logistics world characterized by shortened lead times and minimal on-hand inventories, procurement and logistics managers can depend only on the most reliable 3PL companies to ensure their businesses run smoothly. Supply disruptions, even if occasional, can have a harrowing and costly effect on any business. Clients benefit from our proven track record, passion for the industry, and tenacious drive to present the best slate of candidates possible. Meanwhile, Gov. Abbott signed legislation this past session that strengthens ports during recovery from natural disasters and gets ports back up and running quickly after such events.

Amid national-level trade tensions, China earlier this year stopped taking recycling products from the U.S. For the Wickliffe mill, that was opportunity knocking as the per-ton price of baled cardboard and paper recycling plummeted. With our continued emphasis on technology and innovation, that will continue,” Preston said.

us logistics employers

With the creation of the Mississippi Works Fund in 2016, new investments and opportunities are opening up across the state, he added. The program allocates $50 million over 10 years to the state’s community colleges for workforce training. The project will create 900 jobs over the next five years and includes a $37.5 million investment by the shipbuilder to expand and modernize its Pascagoula facility. In August, Medline Industries, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, announced a $46 million investment to locate its distribution operations in Southaven, adding 450 new jobs to North Mississippi. HARTING is a family-owned company founded in 1945 that manufactures products for the connector industry.

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Employers such as Vt Halter Marine, Nissan, Toyota, Chevron, NASA, Boeing, GE, Ashley Furniture and dozens of others point to the right-to-work state’s collaborative, business friendly environment as a key differentiator. These are not just nice words in a mission statement hanging on the wall, they say, but reality. Recent announcements of growth in advanced manufacturing, defense, distribution of consumer goods, shipbuilding and aerospace technology are keeping the state on the move. No matter the industry, the state’s multi-modal connectivity gets product to market quickly, McCullough added.

us logistics employers

The state-owned port terminals handled a record 10.9 million tons of general cargo in 2018, surpassing 10 million tons for the third consecutive year, according to the Maryland Port Administration. Several of the top employers in Arkansas are major logistics players, including USA Truck, which has its headquarters in Van Buren, AR.Arkansas is home to 10 major trucking companies and 80 distribution centers. Approximately 55,000 Arkansans are employed in distribution centers and trucking firms. The Port of Savannah is the fastest-growing port in the U.S., with a $973-million expansion project nearing completion, including dredging of the shipping channel and its entrance to accommodate Post-Panamax container vessels.Supersize is in. Ports are expanding to welcome gigantic containers that can now move cargo cheaper and more quickly through the expanded Panama Canal. Record-breaking growth is taking place, port authorities say, despite the market uncertainty that accompanies tariffs and international trade negotiations.

The pandemic renewed many conversations in the US and several of those centered around livelihood, benefits, and the necessity to be cared for in the workplace. Logistics companies that offer the above benefits simply have a better chance of attracting talented workers. Current candidates and employees have named several different benefits in 2022 and the top ones consist of physical and mental health programs, employee engagement efforts, flexible scheduling, and financial wellness programs. Transform your supply chain with Shipwell’s fully connected, configurable TMS platform. It is very clear from the first interaction that they have the customer’s best interest at hand. Ability to support logistics through routing directions and coordinate special trip requirements with drivers and other event personnel.

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Baltimore is one of a few East Coast ports that can handle the supersized ships coming through the canal, he said. “We are the No. 1 port in the U.S. for ro-ro and we’re in the top two for forest products,” Scher said. If America is the land of opportunity, the Port of Baltimore is the beacon for diversity in maritime trade.

  • Every part of logistics operations is measurable, and 3PL companies like BR Williams must meet specific performance criteria to avoid failure.
  • In turn, more companies are committing capital and resources to ensure a flexible, sustainable, and cost-efficient supply and delivery chain.
  • Logistics companies looking to partner with Payactiv to implement benefits like on-demand pay, flexible scheduling, and more can learn more or request a demo with us today.
  • The company plans to build a separate paper-and-cardboard recycling facility to feed pulp into the mill.
  • 3PL companies keeping track of the location of every unit of inventory and equipment that is inbound, on-hand, and outbound is an essential discipline of successful logistics management.

This will allow logistic companies to finally find and keep the best employees possible, ultimately reducing the labor shortage. Whether you are looking for loss prevention, technology support, supply chain performance tracking or support on sustainable distribution initiatives, our dedicated teams can help you on every aspect of your logistics management requirements.

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As e-commerce reshapes fulfillment and transportation, the effects are evident among logistics companies that make the Fortune 500 list of largest US companies. Many companies make acquisitions to drive digital transformation and advance their logistics offerings.

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Rebuild Illinois allocates $33.2 billion for transportation projects statewide and dedicates $420 million to expand and update broadband to the health, education and economic development sectors across the state. The state’s strategic location and abundance of assets also contributes to its ability to attract foreign direct investment. The state is home to nearly 2,000 international companies—including Novartis, Ricoh, Bombardier, Siemens and BP—and a magnet for international employers looking to expand in the North American market.

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As a full-service logistics company, we offer customized consolidation as well as last mile handling and distribution of time-sensitive products. In our high-speed, just-in-time world, managing inbound and outbound cargo requires state-of-the-art technology. 3PL companies keeping track of the location of every unit of inventory and equipment that is inbound, on-hand, and outbound is an essential discipline of successful logistics management. BR Williams employs WMS that provide inventory tracking tailored to specific customer needs that track every aspect of storage, shipment, and delivery. In spite of this — or because of it — M&A activity in the trucking sector continues to be robust, largely driven by strategic investors looking to consolidate the industry. Acquisitions are an attractive way for investors to acquire access to a labor force and equipment. And technology-driven solutions can help companies address evolving environmental, social and governance regulations, while also providing them with opportunities to identify new areas of optimization and cost-cutting.

We offer one of the most comprehensive networks for Pool/Regional Distribution and Direct-to-Store services to companies needing to move inventory to commercial locations in cities large and small. With our delivery network of professional drivers reaching stores in 20 states today, we have the coverage and experience to customize “scheduled” delivery programs that provide supply chain efficiency for each of your customers’ locations. DRI’s Logistics Practice focuses on helping leading organizations attract, onboard, and retain top logistics talent. Generally, as a part of supply chain management, logistics manages the flow between the point of origin and point of consumption. Logistics can be a complex process involving material handling, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, production and more. The recent supply chain bottlenecks have forcefully reminded companies of their dependency on their partners. Consumers have made logistics a key differentiator in their shopping experiences as they keep estimated delivery dates in mind.

The T&L sector has entered a second phase of recovery from the pandemic, but the reopening is impacting subsectors of T&L in different ways. Passenger ground transportation was significantly impacted in uss express employment 2020, and continued to suffer from ongoing restrictions in 2021. However, the sector is expected to recover in 2022, with regional mobility rebounding as government and self-imposed restrictions soften.