These programs are typically less expensive than universities and allow you to acquire your degree on your own schedule. International Business Machines Corp employed more than 434,000 individuals at the end of 2012. For 20 straight years, the company has received more patents from the U.S. Patent Office than any other business, with nearly 6,500 awarded in 2012 alone.

The company’s success in the United States is still a major driver of job growth. Microsoft’s 19,000 employees enjoy a range of benefits, including on-site health screenings and flu shots, charitable giving matching, social clubs and sports equipment rentals. Salesforce offers its 19,000 employees uncapped commissions and a generous employee stock purchase plan. The world’s largest social network for professionals gives its own 9,700 workers top-tier treatment, with perks such as flexible schedules, parental leave review and free food. Workers at the tech company’s San Jose, California, campus enjoy a full fitness center, pool table, pingpong tables, a bocce ball court and a beach volleyball court. Electronics company Synopsys employs over 10,000 people across North America, Europe, Japan, the Pacific Rim, India and Israel. To compile its 2016 list of the highest-paying companies in America, job search site Glassdoor analyzed anonymous salary reports and other compensation information, such as tips and bonuses, from its users.

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McDonald’s has employed a large number of low-skilled workers for so long that such jobs are often derided as “McJobs” for their low pay and limited career opportunities. Walgreens boots Alliance deals in the healthcare field and owns various pharmaceutical companies specializing in manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale production of pharmaceutical products. The company has a presence in twenty-five countries and gives employment to two hundred twenty-three thousand people.

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Dhl Global Forwarding

Jabil with a huge staff of two hundred forty thousand people provides manufacturing services to different people globally. Since it operates in so many things it has not limited itself to the USA and provides services in almost thirty countries. McDonald’s has become a global name owing to its fast-food services. Its french fries and various other snacks are popular among the youth. The company was started in the year 1940 as a single restaurant but presently it is the world’s largest restaurant chain in terms of revenue. Besides revenue, the company is also one of the largest in terms of employees because it has a staff of two hundred five thousand people.

  • In its journey, it acquired various new brands and products and established itself as one of the largest drink companies.
  • As the global leader in the food service industry, we have a legacy of innovation and hard work that continues to drive us.
  • The firm announced the addition of the Dynamics automotive consulting team from the Chicago based ExtOrg.
  • In total, the company has more than 2,200 stories in North America, most of them in the United States.
  • They currently employ 2,603 people in the U.S. working out of 28 offices.

Walmart de México y Centroamérica, which is the largest private employer in Mexico, had nearly a quarter of a million employees in Central America as of April. Recently, the Washington, D.C., city council passed a bill requiring large retailers to pay their workers at least $12.50 an hour (well above the city’s minimum wage). This has reignited the debate over whether Walmart provides an adequate wage for its workers.